Vanessa Campagna and LG

Vanessa Campagna & LG

Tommy, Ralph, LG, and Ward

Tommy Karlas, Ralph Murphy, LG & Ward Davis

Writers at LGME Debut

LGME! Writers performing at the LGME! Debut

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Josh Taerk "Anywhere Love Took Us"...released in the UK, Canada and the by LGME! international music man Jack Williams! CHRISTMAS SINGLE DOWNLOAD: Stream: Buy:

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3 weeks ago

Lynn Gann Music Enterprises

Raquel Cole discusses her new track "Imogene" from LGME! writer Jack Williams.

Raquel Cole
Play on words and country music. How "Imogene" came to be. Thx imogene + willie for clearing up the pronunciation 😉

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Our tune on Lucas Hoge's #1 selling LP from last year from LGME! writer Jack Williams. video for Dirty South (Official Music Video) performed by Lucas Hoge.

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